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A Gospel Box Update!! (finally)

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The Gospel Box (hereafter referred to as GBs) are so cool. I love playing with them and thinking about the potential that each and every one possesses. For those of you who don’t already know about the GB project that iMissionaries is working on, here is an explanation of what it is and what it does:

A new way to spread the Gospel!

Our world is changing drastically. Long standing cultural norms are shifting rapidly and “the way things used to be” is no more. Part of this world-wide shift is due to a small device that most everyone carries around in their pocket —the cell phone. It’s a two-edged sword that has helped many people (think dialing 911 when your grandpa is having a heart attack) but also hurt and wrecked thousands no, millions of lives (think of an adolescent in a dark corner of the bedroom viewing porn or sexting someone).

Most all of these devices have one thing in common: they can connect to WiFi and surf the web.
Here in the U.S. we think nothing of hopping on the WiFi at Starbucks and surfing the web but in 3rd world countries it’s not that easy. In Guatemala for example, many people own a WiFi capable smartphone, but there is no place for them to connect. Here we have a problem—a bottleneck. And GBs are the solution!  Just not the solution they’re looking for. 🙂

A Gospel Box is simply a small router that has been programmed to stream a website full of Gospel content over WiFi. Users in the area who are searching for a WiFi signal will see one pop up called “Gospel Box -Discover God!”  And of course, because there are no other available connections (remember we are in a 3rd world country where WiFi is scarce) they will connect to it out of curiosity. Users won’t be able to actually get on the internet through GBs, the only thing they can do is surf the website that is served to them from the GB itself (if this sounds complicated, just know that it’s a lot easier to explain/experience in real life).

The website on the GB features downloadable content such as Good & Evil, Chick Tracts, the Are You A Good Person video, Pilgrims Progress dramatized audio, a complete audio Bible, sermons, videos, books, and much more. Basically, if a person is seeking God or has an open heart for the things of the Lord, then a GB gives them everything they need to learn more about the Truth!


Back to the GBs update…I’ve just about got all the kinks worked out (there is still one left that I am trying to solve). For the most part it is ready to be field tested. I have programmed a bunch of different routers as you can see in the picture below. Two of these have been sent to someone who will be taking them to a Chinese speaking community in Peru where they will be “field tested.” Pray that these GBs will be effective and that God blesses our efforts. One of them has English content and one of them has content in Chinese. Right now we only have these 2 languages, in the future I hope to roll out more languages once the software platform is finalized.

Gospel Box routers

Pictured are:

  • (2) WR842NDs (the big ones with 2 antennas)
    These are designed for a “stationary” installation where there will be lots of connections. They are beefy and have fast(er) processors then the other ones and can handle more users simultaneously.
  • (1) MR3020
    Grey-faced one on the left of picture. This is the standard “hockey-puck” routers that a lot of people reprogram.
  • (1) WR703N
    This is the little blue faced one in front. It’s small and doesn’t consume much power —great for mobile applications.
  • (1) MW151RM3G 150M Mini 3G Router
    Basically just a WR703N clone in a white case.
  • (1) Acrylic case WR703N
    Same as the other one, just packaged in a clear Acrylic case.
  • (1) GL-iNet Router (has clear acrylic case)
    An upgrade of the WR703N this one has more memory and is faster. I will probably be going with this one for future developments.
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  • Marilyn Link Reply

    Thrilling! Exciting! Praise God!

  • Laura Link Reply

    Excellent idea and will be looking for more information and plans for distribution!

  • adam Link Reply

    Sounds promising…keep up the good work. If there is anything I can do for you don’t be hesitant to let me know. Let get these rolling and installed!!

    • Jared Link Reply

      Thanks Adam, I’ll let you know…

  • evelyn Link Reply

    Sounds very exciting! Praying for you.

  • Nicole Link Reply

    This is very exciting! Can’t wait to watch this part of the ministry grow!

  • Ron Link Reply

    Wonderful idea !! Please let us know if we can do anything to help. God bless.

  • Maria Link Reply

    Praise the Lord, PTL!!!!!!!! Where there is a will, there is a way!!!!!
    May the Lord inspire you BEYOND the impossible to reach people for HIM!
    Thanks for being a willing tool in powerful Hands!

  • Abigail Link Reply

    Super exciting!! Can’t wait to get one of them. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Emily Link Reply

    Awesome! May God bless the works of your hands, and give you many more witty inventions to further His Kingdom in Jesus’ name. Amen Brother! Keep it up!

  • Judith Link Reply

    what a great tool. And we complain about our slow DSL!

  • Alvin Link Reply

    It’s exciting to follow and support this great project. I’m also looking forward to personally activating GBs here in the US and when I go overseas.

  • Trevor Link Reply

    Very exciting! Are you going to be sharing more details on the software that the routers are running? I’d like to try building one myself eventually.

    • Jared Link Reply

      Yea, I plan on showing how they are built and giving step by step directions. (and also offer completed units as well)

  • Elbie van Niekerk Link Reply

    The Bible say in the last days the knowledge will increase. It seams as if the Hand of the Lord is upon you to increase your knowledge so that you can be an instrument in His Hand for spredding the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the World. We are in Africa and look out for this new invention.

  • Cameron Link Reply

    Wow! Super excited!!!! Great work and can’t wait to start using these! Praying that your efforts are rewarding greatly and many souls come to Christ as a result of them! Thanks for doing this!!

  • carolyn bates Link Reply

    This is way over my head but very exciting to hear of more ways to spread this Good News. God is Good. Praying for you.

  • Because the Lord gave you the inspiration, it will work! Praise God for your being obedient to the call!

  • Tom Link Reply

    I can’t wait to build/buy multiple gospel box’s.

    • Jared Link Reply

      Hopefully I’ll get them done soon… right now the project has been on hold as I have been creating a new tool called the iMissionaries Facebook Evangelism Tool. It is in BETA testing right now… Will send out an email to all our email subscribers when its ready.

  • Wendell Link Reply

    How soon can you get these in Spanish I’d really like to get one of these big ones & also would like if I could add more stuff to the site. Is that a possibility?

    • Jared Link Reply

      Hi, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately the GB project has been put on hold, hopefully soon it will be worked on again and finished up…. I’ll post here on the site when it is ready.

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