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UPDATE: Digital missionary deployment to Greece

Last week I had the pleasure of sending 10 Gospel Boxes to a small Greek island named Lesbos. Right now Lesbos is crammed with over 5,000 refugees from war torn countries in the middle east (mainly Syria). The refugees are stranded on the island because of a European Union deal with Turkey that prevents them […] Read more


From an iMissionaries supporter:

Dear Folks at No Greater Joy, We recently participated in the iMissionaries Facebook Good and Evil ad campaign, and the results were so exciting -and really unbelievable. We chose to run our ads in Hindi, which is the most frequently spoken language in India. We ran the ad for about two weeks, and only spent […] Read more

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A Gospel Box Update!! (finally)

The Gospel Box (hereafter referred to as GBs) are so cool. I love playing with them and thinking about the potential that each and every one possesses. For those of you who don’t already know about the GB project that iMissionaries is working on, here is an explanation of what it is and what it […] Read more


How to drive more traffic with blog commenting

I’ve got a good friend named Rachel. She lives just down the road from me in a little cabin in the woods. Rachel and her husband love the Lord and try to serve Him in any way they can. Rachel loves the Good and Evil book, and has always appreciated it’s message. She loves to […] Read more

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UTF-8 and digital evangelism

This post has been a long time in coming. I’ve hem-hawed around not really wanting to write it, but knowing that I needed to. The challenge is trying to present a complex topic in an easy-to-read manner. My wife tells me that my brain mostly resides up in the clouds thinking about abstract concepts….things that […] Read more

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Good and Evil Website Metrics

For all of you Facebook evangelists who have been promoting the Good and Evil book; I am really excited to share with you the results that we are seeing from YOUR effort! I have really enjoyed seeing how many people across the world are accessing the Good and Evil site -and so that you could […] Read more


Alvin Warren’s iMissionaries testimonial

When I became a believer in college, I started sharing the gospel and giving out gospel tracts. Through the years, I’ve noticed that “cartoon” tracts are most likely to get read, even by people who appear outwardly to have no interest in spiritual things, or are even hostile to Christianity. When I heard about the […] Read more


Reaching Muslims

In his book “Jesus and Muhammad” Mark Gabriel, a graduate from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Eypt, tells of his conversion to being a follower of Christ. After finding peace with God through a Bible given to him by a Christian pharmacist, he was converted and lived the life of a secret believer (Someone who […] Read more


We’ve got a new language available!

Bahasa has been on the Good and Evil book website since this spring…. I never did much with this language, and thought it to be sort of a minority language. I was in the process of updating some things on that website when I realized DUH, Bahasa is Indonesian! I felt pretty stupid….but I corrected […] Read more

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An army for the Lord

How iMissionaries came to be. (Magazine Article) I’ve always had great appreciation for the Good and Evil comic book. It is the best printed tool besides the Bible I’ve ever seen for reaching ordinary people. I remember when the black and white version was first published and I got my hands on a copy. I […] Read more