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Evangelizing Chinese speaking people

Here lately I’ve been building a webpage that teaches you how to find a language/people group to evangelize. I put up 3 case studies to give people a better idea of the process. The first study was about a man named John D. and his effort to reach Chinese speaking peoples. (by the way, John […] Read more

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The iMissionaries website is taking off!

Well , the site is up and running now. I’m still working out the kinks. Were running this site on Wordpress, and we’ve got a great framework. Once I get the “framework” finished, I will start adding LOTS of content. This project is super exciting. I find myself thinking about it even when I am […] Read more

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More info about iMissionaries

Hey guys, Jared here… I read a story the other day about a lady named Laura. She does some awesome work online reaching people for Christ through the internet. I first learned about her through the Joshua Project website. I was on that website doing some research and I came across her story. The past […] Read more