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UPDATE: Digital missionary deployment to Greece

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Last week I had the pleasure of sending 10 Gospel Boxes to a small Greek island named Lesbos. Right now Lesbos is crammed with over 5,000 refugees from war torn countries in the middle east (mainly Syria). The refugees are stranded on the island because of a European Union deal with Turkey that prevents them from leaving until their asylum claims have been processed.

Several organizations are involved with refugee relief, among those, one called I58 has been assisting by sending volunteers over to help.
Last spring a young couple from our area went over to Greece for 3 months and during that time they noticed that the majority of the refugees on the island had a smartphone. There is no WiFi available in the camp and many of them do not have money to put minutes/data on their phone. The situation seemed perfect for the Gospel Box!

I put together 10 “special” Gospel Boxes that contained Gospel materials in 9 different languages. This totaled around 30 gigabytes of content for each unit! There is an unbelievable amount of content on each box. The Bible in written and audio formats can be accessed on each one, as well as many videos, books and other evangelistic content. Special thanks to Chick Publications and No Greater Joy Ministries for the use of their content.


I hope and pray that these Gospel Boxes can be used to tirelessly advance the Kingdom of God. Will you join me in praying towards this end? If all goes well I will be sending more over.
There is also huge potential to see these boxes distributed throughout all the refugee camps in that region.
Thanks to all of you who have supported this ministry financially and through prayer.

If you’d like to read more about the refugee situation in Greece, I’d suggest starting with these links:

(links to recent fire disaster in camp)



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  • Adam Link Reply

    Great to see the progress!!…encouraging to hear!…hope it works out!

  • God bless you for your these Gospel Boxes in my country Greece for refugees.
    I would like ask you where is this material in internet if we can use it for sharing the Gospel ? Thank you!

  • Karin Tucker Link Reply

    Great job! It is a dire situation over there. God bless your work.

  • Thanks so much. Good news like this and that from Phiĺippine trip sure make me excited. God bless all your efforts.

  • MAy the “harvest” be abundant. God bless all those involved. Thank you for report.

  • Ashley Nicole Link Reply

    Wow this is exciting news for sure. I will be praying for each of these boxes and more opportunities to send them over. Thanks for the update.

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