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Create a Facebook Ad

In the beginning, I recommended using Google Chrome because in all the tutorial videos I made, that it what browser I used. It doesn’t really matter anymore what browser you use. Even though there are slight differences between browsers, they all are similar enough that you don’t have to exclusively use Google Chrome (And for the record, I use Mozilla Firefox mostly).

I also have scrapped the whole Bitly URL shortener idea. If you want to use it, go ahead—I left the “Make a Bitly URL” webpage up for reference. I just use my Facebook Advertising account to view the stats/performance of my ad.

It still holds true that the most cost-effective way to run Facebook ads is in countries other than the USA. Why would you want to pay upwards of $1 per click to run an ad in the US when you can target other 3rd world countries for $0.01-$0.10 per click? Example: An ad that ran in Egypt averaged $0.08 per click. For this same ad to run in the US, the CPC would be around $0.90.

6/16/15 –A question was raised on Facebook regarding “ghost accounts” in other countries. The concern was that spammers are clicking on the ad you paid for instead of real people. While this certainly does happen to an extent, I believe most of the clicks are from real people. We can track to some extent what happens when people click on the ad to visit the Good & Evil website and visitors are going beyond just a simple visit. They are actually downloading books and viewing the other evangelistic material. To see this for yourself visit the Stats page.

Before you create your ad, you need to know who you want to target!

Creating a Facebook ad begins first with deciding what people group and language you want to target. Do you have a desire to reach people in India? Is your heart for Muslim people in countries like Egypt or Iraq?

Click here for help deciding who to reach (also includes case studies).

Create your ad

Once you’ve decided what area you are going to target with your Facebook ad, all that remains is to create the ad. Here is an overview of the steps:

  1. First make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account
  2. In a new tab in your browser load this webpage:
  3. Also navigate to the iMissionaries resources page (this is where you’ll copy and paste your ad content from)
  4. Begin the process! Follow the steps/prompts on Facebook to create your ad. For more information watch the tutorial video below

NOTICE: This video tutorial is 2 years old and is now OUTDATED. If you’re trying to follow along with the video, Facebook has slightly changed its ads interface so not everything matches perfectly. It will remain here until I can create a new and updated video. -Jared

The old tutorials are still available on the iMissionaries legacy site. Click here to access them.