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From an iMissionaries supporter:

Dear Folks at No Greater Joy,

We recently participated in the iMissionaries Facebook Good and Evil ad campaign, and the results were so exciting -and really unbelievable. We chose to run our ads in Hindi, which is the most frequently spoken language in India. We ran the ad for about two weeks, and only spent about $200. By the end of the campaign 415,773 people had seend the ad with 9,424 clicks to the Hindi Good and Evil Website. That’s $0.02 per website click! Based on the site metrics on the iMissionaries website, at one point during the campaign there were as many as 211 full Hindi Good and Evil downloads in a five-day span! In addition, the Facebook page that we set up in connection with the ad buzzed with activity.  We had two people ask on how to be Christians right on Facebook, and one (best as we can tell with Google translate) trying to “warn” us not to talk about Jesus.

My wife and I were so excited and blown away with the way God seemed to use the ad. I never dreamed I would be a missionary to the Hindi speaking people in India, particularly for only $200 without ever even leaving my own neighborhood!

Thanks so much for all you have to done to make this an opportunity -and the Gospel- so available!

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  • Christy Link Reply

    We have had amazing results with our ad to Libya in Arabic. It has been running for one year since May 2015. As of today, 754,096 people have seen the ad. 112,574 have clicked on the website. It costs $0.003 per click. We have it capped at $1.00 per day and have spent $705. So exciting what God is doing!!! We also made a Facebook Page for it and as of today it has 2,344 “Likes”!

    • Jared Link Reply

      Wow that is awesome! That is a super cheap cost-per-click.

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