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Good and Evil

good and evil book pictureiMissionaries is involved with online distribution of the full-color picture Bible called “Good and Evil.” If you haven’t heard of it then you really ought to check it out. You can read it free here at this link or download a .pdf version from here.

Good and Evil is a 330+ page comic Bible done in the style of world-famous Marvel Comics. Former Marvel Comic inker Danny Bulanadi drew the illustrations while best selling author Michael Pearl was responsible for the stories/theme. Beginning in the book of Genesis, Good and Evil tells the story of God working with mankind. Only stories relating to the theme of redemption are told, and for this reason you will not find stories like David and Goliath or Daniel in the Lions’ den in it. It would be impossible to tell the stories of the entire Bible in just 330 pages.

Good and Evil presents the stories of the Bible in a chronological easy-to-read format. These stories highlight the theme of redemption through blood from Genesis to Revelation. If you’ve never quite understood why the blood of Jesus was required to atone for our sins, this book will trace it back to the beginning and open your understanding to the nature of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

One of the main facets of iMissionaries is something called Facebook Evangelism. We teach FB users how to advertise and distribute the Good and Evil book through Facebook. It begins with someone placing paid-advertisements on Facebook which direct users to the Good and Evil book website where they can download the book in their language for free.
This form of evangelism is within the reach of ordinary internet users. If you can use Facebook, then your capable of placing an ad and reaching people for Christ through Facebook! This method of evangelism is effect and CHEAP. We can give out the digital version of Good and Evil for pennies. While we don’t have a way of tracking people who’s lives have been changed by our efforts, we do have a way of tracking who has visitied the Good and Evil website and what they are downloading. In this way, we can get approximate estimates of how many times a book has been downloaded and the location of the download. You can see who is downloading what by visiting the Good and Evil stats page.


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