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How to drive more traffic with blog commenting

rachelsphoto2I’ve got a good friend named Rachel. She lives just down the road from me in a little cabin in the woods. Rachel and her husband love the Lord and try to serve Him in any way they can.

Rachel loves the Good and Evil book, and has always appreciated it’s message. She loves to give it out to people who are interested in knowing more about God. When I showed Rachel a cool way to give this book away for free online, she jumped at the opportunity and is now spreading the book all over the internet.

Do you want to do what Rachel is doing?

You can! Let me show you how:

There are thousands wait millions of bloggers all over the internet writing about various topics. Some write to make money, while others do it just because they love to write. Whatever the reason, these blogs can be an awesome opportunity to connect with people.  Pretty much every blog I’ve ever seen has a comment form on the bottom of the page that looks something like this:

blog commenting form

It’s easy enough to fill out the fields and leave a comment. So, I might fill this out and say something relevant to the current conversation. It would look like this:

blog comment form picture

What is the value of this you say?

Every comment I leave that has a link back to a website is valuable. If the iMissionaries website has 300 back-links to it (from people like Rachel commenting on blogs) the value of my website goes up in the eyes of Google. This is part of the realm of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If Google values my site more, they will place it higher up in search engine rankings.

For example:

If I search for “internet evangelism” on Google the iMissionaries site might be listed on page 3 of the search results. Who goes through three pages of search results? Most people click on a link in the very first page. If iMissionaries was ranked #1 or even #8 on the first page, we would see much more traffic on the website.

One more example:

I did a quick search on Google’s Blog Search tool, for something like “free comic book downloads.” It pulled up thousands of blog posts that are related to this topic. Within minutes I had found 3 different blogs where I could post my link. Here is an example:

blog commenting

After finding a related blog page, I opened it up and found the spot (at the bottom of the page) to leave a comment. I filled it out with a link to a good comic book I know of.   Now, people who view the comments will see my link and (hopefully) click on it. Also, it’s a link back the Good and Evil book website that Google sees and then gives more value to the linked site.


I’m not suggesting that you “spam” people’s blogs. Blog writers appreciate a good comment that is relevant to the discussion. It isn’t wise to jump in and post something abstract. If all the previous comments are unrelated and abstract, it’s probably not worth posting your link there anyways .

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