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We’ve got a new language available!

infographic about indonesia

Bahasa has been on the Good and Evil book website since this spring…. I never did much with this language, and thought it to be sort of a minority language. I was in the process of updating some things on that website when I realized DUH, Bahasa is Indonesian! I felt pretty stupid….but I corrected it (the Bahasa page redirects to the Indonesian page now) and its good to go!

I did a little bit of research on the Indonesian language, and I realized that its an awesome opportunity for evangelism. Consider these statistics:

  • Indonesia has a population of over 243 million people
    (the world’s 4th most populous country)
  • Home to the world’s largest Muslim population
    (87% practice Islam)
  • 53% of the population is in cities
    (great for internet evangelism)
  • Over 50 Million Facebook users
    (Indonesian is the 5th largest language-user group on Facebook.)
The people of Indonesia are predominantly Muslim. In my research I came across this video (made from a Muslim standpoint). Do you see the potential? These people are at a crossroads and trapped in a religious system that has no answers or true peace. Let’s offer them the Truth!

I also watched this short video infographic….The speaker’s pronunciation and accent were kind of humorous.

Today I placed two Facebook ads targeting this country. I am placing these ads for a friend, and the budget is rather large. ($100 total)

I will give an update on the ads when they are finished, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the back-end of the Good and Evil book website.



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